Message from Chief Executive Officer

Nova Synpac (Pvt) Ltd., is the embodiment of over ten years of hard team work. A company envisioned and formed for providing a new packaging solution to the cement industry had to take a long road to realize its vision. We decided to enter the conventional packaging market because the time required to acquire the patent rights for the new AD star® technology was quite long.

We wanted to build our reputation in the market as providers of quality products at competitive prices. We wanted our name to be synonymous with quality. We achieved our objective. When commercial operations started in March 1998, we had a monthly capacity of 900,000 bags. We added capacity according to the market requirements and we achieved our goal when we were granted the AD Star® rights in 2001. In 2002, we started producing the AD Star® block bottomed valved bag used mostly for cement packaging in Pakistan. At the time we constructed our production facilities that were three times our requirements. We did this because we believed in our ability to grow. We knew that Pakistan was on a positive growth trajectory. We knew that the infrastructure that was going to be built would require bricks and mortar and to hold the bricks and mortar in place cement would be required and we were proven right.

We started with one AD convertex conversion line and today we have six conversion lines. We are proud of the fact that our team is supplying the construction industry with a product that is reducing environmental degradation, it is a more cost effective product compared to the other cement packaging medium, and most of all it ensures that when a customer buys a bag of cement to construct his house on top of a mountain, the plains of Punjab, the deserts of Sindh and Baluchistan, or pouring cement into the foundations of a skyscraper in the cities of Pakistan, their bag of cement will not burst.