Our Product

Nova Synpac (Pvt.) Ltd produces woven block bottomed polypropylene bags for cement packaging. We categorize ourselves as a (Flexible Packaging Material Producer). A dedicated team of professionals ensures the production of a high quality product that meets customer requirements.

The AD *STAR ® bag surpasses all comparable products when it comes to packaging requirements due to its resistance to breakage together with its versatility. Additionally, the following advantages make it a first choice for packaging consumers:

  1. Almost no burstage due to the extraordinary tensile strength of polypropylene.
  2. Good storage capability as the empty polypropylene bag occupies less space than the Kraft paper bag.
  3. Safe transportation to far flung plain as well as mountainous areas.
  4. Suitable for all types of weathers.

We have an annual production capacity of 200 million bags and use the state of the art machinery from M/S Starlinger, Austria. We are market leaders in the supply of cement bags in the domestic market in Pakistan and have the largest cement producers in Pakistan as our customers. The strength and quality of our product is attested by the fact that all the exports by our clients are packaged in our product.

We believe in nurturing mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and aim to satisfy their requirements through providing them with a quality product at a competitive price.

We believe that we can cater to your cement packaging requirements by providing you with a quality product at a competitive price that can increase the profitability of your company. The use of our product will enable you to reduce burstage and leakage of cement at the packaging stations in your production facilities and ensure that your product reaches your customers in an excellent condition.